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Informatic Engineer Simone Soria lives in Modena with his family: he is 33, he got a High School degree in 1998 as Informatics Expert and in 2004 he graduated in Informatics Engineering with the highest grades.   << I am a disabled person, I cannot use my hands effectively, nor can I walk. I don’t recall much of my past prior to the use of personal computer, as I was given the opportunity to use it since elementary school by typing on the keyboard through a metal stick attached to an helmet. For me the computer is the main instrument of inclusion in society: it has allowed me to actively attend school, to obtain my High School Degree as well as my Informatics Engineering Degree when I was 24. Just thinking for a moment what my life would be like without the computer gave me the motivation to found A.I.D.A, in order to give other disabled people the same opportunities that mouse assistive devices have given to me, for I really am persuaded that Informatics today can be a powerful instrument of inclusion for people with disabilities.>>

“I think that the most important thing for a disabled person is to feel at the same level with all other people, to be credited with the strenght to face and cope with the same problems, maybe in a slightly different way and  with a little more difficulty. Actually a disabled person is just a person who is “differently able”, even if not everyone aknowledges it!”


Simone Soria and Eri Ueno spouses despite Cerebral Palsy

Simone Soria and Eri Ueno spouses despite Cerebral Palsy

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