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Eng. Soria and Eng. Perini, founder of A.I.D.A. and creators of FaceMOUSE, have received many recognitions from important national newspapers and magazines since 2004. Here are a few samples: May 2013: Eng. Soria and Mr. Micheal Bampoe on TV, Sportemilia Channel, to talk about FaceMOUSE assistive device for cerebral palsy, as well as about Soria’s wedding – VIDEO (italian) March 2013: Eng. Soria and Mr. Gionathan Soares da Silva on TV, Sportemilia Channel, recount the origins of A.I.D.A. – VIDEO (italian) 2009 – Eng. Soria receives the “Ghirlandina Prize” for his effort towards youth, in particular to those in need due to their disabilities – Prize conferred by Rotary Club – Modena (Italian Branch) Premio Ghirlandina motivazione

“Ghirlandina Prize” official document

L'ing. Soria premiato dal Rotary di Modena

“Ghirlandina Prize” offical ceremony – Rotary Club

For more information it is possible to download Rotary Club – Modena newspaper (italian).

2008 – School inclusion for disabled in Modena

Many local magazines have highlighted the school experience of Eng. Soria and its outcome dedicated to the help of other disabled people struggling for inclusive education.

Innovativo ausilio per l'integrazione scolastica dei disabili

2007 – “Corporate Social Responsibility” Prize (Modena, 2° Edition)A.I.D.A. wins 2007 edition of the “Corporate Social Responsibility” (RSI in Italian) Prize for the “Product Innovation” area. The 2001 Green Book of European Commission defines the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as “voluntar inclusion, by business company, of social and environmental issues in their commercial operations and in their dealings with stakeholders”.

Premio RSI , Responsabilità Sociale di Impresa

CSR Prize

ing. Soria e ing.Perini , foto ricordo dei participanti al

Participants to the CSR Prize 2007

2006 – FaceMOUSE in “Spaceland” zero gravity missions

Scientific association “Spaceland”, whose activities address experimentation of technology at zero gravity, invited A.I.D.A. to participate to a mission by providing a FaceMOUSE assistive device to be loaded aboard a 727 Boing; taking off from the base at Cape Canaveral, the airship performed particular manouvers that recreated zero gravity conditions for a few seconds ( FaceMOUSE granted a disabled person with tetra paresis to take part in this mission.

Attestato Spaceland per AIDA

Spaceland certificate conferred to A.I.D.A.

Usare il computer senza mani nello spazio

tetraplegic girl uses FaceMOUSE assistive technology device at zero gravity

2005 – StartCUP in Torino

FaceMOUSE assistive technology device wins the special prize “Social Innovation Award (instituted by INNOSENSE PARTNERSHIP LLP), addressed to technological innovations with high social implications. The prize was actually never received because the Company INNOSENSE wanted to acquire FaceMOUSE to make a business out of it, instead of an assistive device for cerebral palsy.

Staff Finalisti Piero Angela

StartCUP: Eng. Perini (left, first row) and Soria (front), together with famous italian scientific TV program director Piero Angela (right of Soria, in grey)



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