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Working despite the handicap

On Thursday, May 9th 2013 Eng. Soria and his collegue Micheal have met Mr. Manlio in Ravenna, inside the firm for which he works. Manlio is in his fifties, very nice and easy going like every person in Emilia Romagna, and he fulfills a key role in his company’s human resources management. At the meeting there were also his wife and collegues. Manlio is affected by a severe physical disability and is in need of a specific informatics aid in order to keep working, as he is not able to use his lapotop’s touch pad anymore. In this case the software FaceMOUSE is the most appropriate aid that could be applied, for Manlio is able to move his head and he needs to use the computer in full. The special built-in customization options allow FaceMOUSE to be set on Manlio’s specific movements and timing, actually becoming a very comfortable and useful instrument for his autonomy. After a quick demonstration from Eng. Soria, FaceMOUSE has been installed on Manlio’s work laptop and then used for the evaluation by Manlio himself, so that the test could be as close to the real situation as possible; the only adjustment needed was the augmentation of FaceMOUSE’s sensitivity in order to allow him to move the mouse cursor with shorter head movements, more comfortable to him. Using FaceMOUSE, in just ten minutes Manlio has been able to move the mouse cursor, manage every click function and to write; in particular, he managed to access his company’s working softwares and an Excel sheet that he uses on a regular base. Notwithstanding the easiness with which Manlio has used FaceMOUSE he took his time to complain, like a true Italian, as he realized he had to take the pain of learning a new way to use his computer, but it is his work that is at stake… Eventually, after ten days of tests, Manlio’s company purchased FaceMOUSE for him to continue working despite his handicap. He is still using it with great profit, and he now complains no more… Immagine

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