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FaceMOUSE Games – Videogames for People with Disabilities

The aim of this new project is to create  videogames for people with disabilities, which means games that are specifically studied and developed to help children learning how to use the personal computer through our devices, in particular FaceMOUSE. The problem with the videogames which are usually available on the Internet is that they generally are too fast, complex and with too many graphical elements, so much that they are more a distraction than an amusement for many of the children we assist. One could use those games through FaceMOUSE nonetheless, but we also developed “lighter” games that can be easily accessed using FaceMOUSE and our other devices. The games that have been since developed are: Gatti Mangioni (Glutton Cats), Aero Crasch, Scopritutto (Discoverer) and Race Car. We want to thank Spinne Moden for supporting our project and our friend Matteo Lenti for his passionate work.   Screens of FaceMOUSE Games


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